So do you belong to the church of Apple or are you an Android enthusiast?   Well, Samsung has released an ad on YouTube entitled, ‘Screen Envy’ which mocks iPhone users for their ‘patience’ at having to wait for a larger screen.

Two friends are sitting in a cafe, both looking at their phones.  One has a Samsung while the other is sporting his iPhone.  The iPhone carrying friend states that the ‘iPhone might be getting a bigger screen.’  “That hasn’t happened yet?” responds his friend with the Samsung, obviously sporting a much larger screen.  “You know that thing you’ve been waiting on for like two years, and how it’s supposed to be awesome, and how it’s gonna blow your mind?” the narrator pipes up in an extremely sarcastic manner.

Samsung Mocking Apple Before The iPhone 6 Release.

The narrator then states:”Well it’s been here this whole time, but maybe you just like waiting.”  The camera then goes in for the close-up shot of the two phones.  The Samsung with an obviously bigger screen.  “It’s everything you’ve been waiting for: 5.1 inches of full HD on the Samsung Galaxy S5.”

Samsung has already mocked Apple using video advertisements making fun of the iPhone’s battery life and the iPad’s screen.  Adding fuel to the proverbial fire, they have now created this new video mocking the long wait for a bigger screen by iPhone users.

This ad is apparently in response to the rumour that Apple will be coming out with two iPhone 6s which will have a 4.7 inch screen and a 5.5 inch screen.  These are both bigger than the iPhone 5s, which only has a 4 inch screen.

So is Samsung already the next big thing?  Will the iPhone 6 be worth the wait?  What do you think?  Leave your comments below!

[Image via designntrend]