Back in June of this year, Techbeat (among others) reported that Microsoft was getting ready start selling the Xbox One without it being bundled with the Kinect. Prior to this switch, the Xbox One cost a whopping $499, which was immediately a drawback for many who wanted Microsoft’s latest and greatest video game console. That’s understandable – $499 is a lot of money for most of us hard-working individuals. Due to the original price of the device, Sony got an early lead on Microsoft and sold quite a few more of their PlayStation 4 consoles. That may be changing, though, thanks to Microsoft’s change.

It seems many don’t want the Kinect with the Xbox One – it wasn’t quite as popular among gamers as they initially hoped it would be, so they did what they thought was best – take away the Kinect and drop the price by a hundred bucks. Sounds good, right? It turns out it was an excellent choice on their part. Sales of the Kinectless Xbox One have doubled since they unbundled it.

Xbox One Sales Have Doubled Recently

Gamers have also reported that their Xbox Ones work better without the Kinect running. Hey, anytime you can save some money and improve your system at the same time it’s a good deal!

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SOURCE: Techspot