Sometimes, history is boring – I get that. There’s so many people, dates, and places you have to remember, and after a while everything can start jumbling together. Then, given the fact that “history” takes place in the past, it can sometimes seem so far away from us that we’d really rather live in the present. And since some of us view history as completely boring, (just to be clear I personally really enjoy history), we’d never want to go tour a history museum, right? Fossils, relics, classic photographs – they’re not very appealing. But what if it was a Videogame History Museum? What if instead of looking at old fossils you could actually visit a virtual Jurassic Park? Good news – there’s about to be such a place, and it’s coming soon to a town in Texas. It somehow seems fitting that the huge state of Texas gets the video game museum.

While it’s had some trouble getting started, it has finally been decided that the Videogame History Museum will make its home in the town of Frisco, Texas, inside of the Discovery Center. I can only imagine it will cover every console and handheld device from the very beginning until now – which promises to make for an exciting journey! I myself have owned a Nintendo, a Sega Genesis, a Nintendo 64, an Xbox, and an Xbox 360, and just thinking about them has taken back on quite a fun childhood journey.

Video Game History Museum Coming To Texas

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[Image via Infinigeek]

SOURCE: Engadget