I love playing video games. I actually have to be careful with the amount of video games I play, because it’s easy for me to get into an all-out video game addiction where that’s all I want to do with my life. And since it’s not very productive to live in a digital world vs. the real world (however real it may seem), I don’t game it up all that much anymore. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have all kinds of fond memories from when that’s just about all I did with my spare time. Some of my all-time favorite games come out of the Star Wars universe. I loved Jedi Outcast and the Knights of the Old Republic game. Heck, I even enjoyed the Revenge of the Sith game because of the lightsaber combat if for no other reason. The first Star Wars game I remember getting hooked on was Rogue Squadron for my Nintendo 64. Before the onset of the Nintendo 64 and the Xbox, though, there was the PC – the good ol’ gaming computer. And the PC had some classic Star Wars games as well, and unfortunately, they’ve pretty well stayed buried out in space. Until now, that is. Good Old Games has just re-released the iconic PC Star Wars games of Tie Fighter and X-Wing, and they will run just like new (old?) on your new computer.

Classic PC Star Wars Games Are Getting Re-Released

These iconic games gave Star Wars fans a taste of what it would actually be like to pilot an X-Wing fighter and destroy the ships of the Empire. While the graphics and sound are nothing compared to today’s standards, these games are classic for a reason.

They can each be purchased for $10, and you’ll also get each game’s expansion pack(s) included in the price. You can buy X-Wing here, and you can get Tie Fighter here.

If you do buy these games, please let us know what you think of them in the comments section below!

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SOURCE: Kotaku