While it’ll likely never happen safely, I’ve always wanted to witness a volcano erupting. Luckily, even when we can’t physically witness something, we live in the day and age when technology is able to come to our rescue time and time again. With the advent of drone technology, we’ve been able to see all kinds of things which wouldn’t have been possible in the past. And now, thanks to a drone, we can see exactly what happens when a volcano erupts.

DJI wanted to show how much of a beast their Phantom II quadcopter was, so they armed it with a GoPro camera and sent it flying into the erupting Bardabunga volcano in Iceland. And the footage it sent back to them is astonishing and terrifying all at the same time.

Drone Captures Insane Video Of Volcano Erupting!

While the drone did make it safely back, it wasn’t without its scars, as part of its front was melted from the extreme heat. But if this baby can survive a volcano erupting, it can survive just about anything! I don’t know what better advertising DJI needs to sell their drone.

Have a look at the video it captured for yourself below, and prepare to be amazed.

[Image via Wired]