New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio, announced last Friday that the NYPD is planning to outfit all 35,000 of their officers with a mobile ‘handheld device,’ aka a ‘smartphone’.

The technology program; NYPD Mobility Initiative, will cost $160 million. As well as giving all the Police officers a smartphone, there is also a plan to install 6000 ruggedized tablets into police patrol cars.

The devices that will be issued to the Police will be connected to a cellular network, which will give officers in the field “expanded search capabilities.” This means that they will be able to readily search NYPD databases whilst in the line of duty.

35000 devices will be issued to the entire NYPD.

A much-toted function of the NYPD smartphones is that they will be able to receive real-time 911 data, such as notes to be able to better informed.