Would you like a new job? Maybe you would like to work for Amazon? Well, if you think that working in the picking department would be too much like hard work; running around sticking labels on a myriad of products, you needn’t worry. Apparently there are other, more interesting, careers that are currently available. Amazon.com is in the process of hiring a flight operations engineer to work in Cambridge, UK, testing their delivery drones!

Amazon Drones

The advertisement was posted last week and listed the following responsibilities:

  •  Performing as the Safety Observer during Prime Air flight tests, both outdoor and indoor.
  • Ensuring that all safety policies are followed during flight tests, both outdoor and indoor.
  • Participating in the planning of flight test evolutions to ensure that the planned operations are consistent with our policies and any safety policies placed on the team by regulatory agencies for a particular location.
  • Writing, enhancing and documenting our Flight Safety Policies
  • Performing safety analyses to ensure our vehicles and operations are safe.
  • Documenting our safety analyses to be used for vehicle and program certification.

The advertisement also stated, “Flight test experience, manned or unmanned, is preferred…5+ years of relevant aviation experience, either civilian or military, with either manned or unmanned aviation” coupled with “2+ years in a safety-related role, such as Aviation Safety Officer, formal safety training, or Fulfilment Center safety operations.” This ad does give very strong indications that the company is getting ever closer to test flights of its drones in the UK.

Amazon also needs an office manager to “Act as first point of contact for all visitors and suppliers coming to our office” and “Support Senior Site Leadership Team for general admin tasks, such as travel bookings, expense reporting.” This also supports the idea that there is going to be a large Prime Air team working in the UK.

So, if you have the relevant qualifications and are interested in a change of working environment, what are you waiting for?

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SOURCE: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/11/12/amazon_hiring_drone_flight_ops_engineer_in_cambridge_uk/?Yeb=020SNAFj0FgmOax2Lv48TARsE1u2zILvXexNyTJ86Q–