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The world’s richest man Jeff Bezos confronted by campaigner
The founder and CEO of Amazon was confronted by a protester at a recent conference in Las Vegas. Jeff Bezos, often referred to as the world’s richest man, was only a few feet away from the passionate animal rights activist. Now named as Priya Sawhney by the BBC and... Read more
Amazon drone delivery plans are soaring
There was a time when this article could have made the April Fools billing. However, Amazon insist packages could soon be delivered to customers by drone. That’s right, Amazon drone delivery could soon be an actual thing. Not only that, Amazon reckon they could kick off their sky-based service... Read more
Amazon Reviews – are they always what they seem?
Whether you’re tech savvy or not, product reviews are a huge factor in potential online purchases. This is especially the case when it comes to Amazon reviews, or any other kind of online shopping platform. Often, we can’t see, feel or try-out the product so we put our faith... Read more
Amazon cancels New York City HQ2 project and 25,000 jobs
The world’s largest online retailer has pulled the plug on creating a new hub in New York. Following “fierce opposition”, Amazon has cancelled plans to create a new headquarters in New York City. The project would have seen 25,000 people employed. In a statement, the company revealed that it... Read more
Computer Science Education Week – why Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and other big names are supporting young coders
Microsoft will donate $10million to by 2020, it has been confirmed. The news comes as students worldwide take part in Computer Science Education Week 2018. Computer Science Education Week 2018 is currently being celebrated around the world. Organisers hope that it will promote the importance of educating the... Read more
Tech Employees Unhappy At Govt Use Of Their Work
Employees of Amazon, Google and Microsoft raise complaints about Government use of their tech In 2015, Apple drew intense praise and criticism for its refusal to hack one of its own products following the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California. The company claimed to field nearly a dozen requests... Read more
EU, Germany Propose New Tax On Tech Companies
But will it remain temporary? For decades, wealthy businesses and their owners have relied on offshore accounts and registering companies in places like the Cayman Islands in order to avoid paying their fair share of taxes, and the tech industry is no exception. With companies like Amazon, Facebook, Apple,... Read more
You Can Now Whisper To Alexa…But Why?
Amazon’s Alexa can now listen and respond to whispers, but will she whisper back? Amazon has finally unveiled a feature that its Alexa/Echo virtual assistant has needed for a long, long time: the ability to respond to a whisper. Unfortunately, the programmers forgot to give Alexa a crucial feature... Read more
Tech Giants Getting In On Healthcare
Civica Rx prepares to launch independent drug company and disrupt US medical industry. There’s little doubt that every aspect of the US medical industry is broken. This is an era in which American citizens with full-time jobs still have to hold crowdfunding campaigns to pay for their prescriptions or... Read more
Amazon Removes Nazi-Themed Paraphernalia From Website 
Global e-commerce giant Amazon has begun the process of removing items that contain or have an association with Nazi and white supremacist symbols from its website.  The move by Amazon follows a series of complaints from lawmakers and a 24 page in depth report from two racial equality advocacy groups.  The story didn’t really... Read more
Another Amazon S3 Exposure Compromised Voter Records
This isn’t a good time to be accused of tampering with voters’ personal information, but that hasn’t stopped yet another “person who should know better” from leaving their Amazon S3 server exposed and unprotected. This time, the villain is one of those companies that dials your phone number against... Read more
Walmart Aims To Take On Netflix, Hulu, And More
Walmart-owned Vudu is nothing new, at least not in terms of the basic function. It’s actually quite a refreshing break from the “pay for it all, consume everything” nature of most video streaming services. Like a lazy man’s Redbox, Vudu lets you pay only for titles you want to... Read more
Tech Companies Pushing Back Against US Govt Use
A growing number of tech companies are pushing back against US Government use (or abuse) of their products. Microsoft was one of the first headlining companies to recently voice concerns over its products being used to enable a practice that many people find inhumane. Numerous employees came together to... Read more
Amazon Lashes Out At Seattle ‘Head Tax’
City council ruling causes anger within tech sector and beyond. Ever since Jeff Bezos grew his little online bookstore into a Midas-style money making machine, lawmakers have been scrambling for ways to get a piece of their profits. The wave of so-called “Amazon Taxes” that swept the country a... Read more
Amazon Repurposing Old Infrastructure
Venture will increase its number of employees in Canada by fifty percent. Some of the saddest architectural issues for any region of a country are the shuttered doors on a vast building, one that serves as a constant reminder that there used to be a thriving industry there. Whether... Read more
Something Funny, Alexa? Amazon Says No.
Spooky spontaneous laugh freaks out Alexa users. Terminator-style self-awareness jokes have abounded on the internet this week thanks to a glitch with Amazon’s Alexa home virtual assistant device. According to multiple users, their Alexas have begun randomly laughing maniacally, without provocation or request. To fight back against what has... Read more
Amazon Identity Theft Money Laundering Scheme
Scammers used stolen credentials to publish and sell books. Identity theft can take on many different forms, depending on what the criminal does with the information. Someone’s stolen credentials could be used to open a new credit card, make a large purchase, seek medical care, or even get a... Read more
Amazon Takes On Healthcare Industry
Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase & Co to partner on US employee healthcare. Amazon is in the business of revolutions. Apart from single-handedly changing the way consumers buy books, the retail giant also completely upended the publishing industry, giving voice, respectability, and income to authors whose books would... Read more