Calibre is a comprehensive e-book library manager that lets you totally organize your collection. With Calibre you can convert your books to multiple formats, and then sync with all of your devices. The library management features of Calibre are comprehensive and the application keeps things orderly by creating single entries for books, which contain multiple formats. Calibre also adds tags and comments for better searching.

Calibre lets you fully manage your e-book collection.

Calibre lets you fully manage your e-book collection.

The application uses powerful format conversion techniques. Calibre’s varied conversion options give you support for a wide variety of file formats. File syncing. Calibre’s device drivers will support all of the top devices and e-readers.

The following updates and changes have been undertaken in this latest version of Calibre:

*New Features
-Get Books: Add a new store, Bubok (
-Driver for Tolino Vision 2.
-Review downloaded metadata: Allow merging downloaded and current identifiers by long-clicking the revert button.
-Template language: New function user_categories() to return the list of User Categories for a given book
-E-book viewer: Add an option to prevent tapping on the page from turning pages.

*Bug Fixes
-Re-enable the system tray icon on linux. System tray icons now work in any desktop environment that supports the StatusNotifier spec, such as Ubuntu Unity, KDE 4+, GNOME 3, etc.
-System tray icon: On windows if the calibre window is minimized, fix clicking on the system tray icon not restoring the window.
-E-book viewer: Clear history when reloading the book, to avoid errors, since the locations pointed to by the history may no longer be valid anyway
-Check Book: Silence incorrect warning about guide references to cover image in AZW3 Format
-Fix text entry widgets’ popup completion window not working well with windows on-screen keyboard.
-Edit Book: Fix links that are absolute paths causing crashes in windows
-Fix the read metadata from format button in the edit metadata dialog not working for FB2 files.

So if you are looking for a powerful e-book library manager with fresh interface, then you can download Calibre 2.8.0 from today.

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