There’s good news and bad news for the music world. We’ll get the good out of the way first. Last week, Taylor Swift released her new highly-anticipated album 1989. This album is apparently a radical departure from the Nashville music scene and is actually marketed as pop music. (Not that Taylor’s music hasn’t always had a certain “pop” element to it, but it’s a departure nonetheless). Are you ready for the bad news? No one will be listening to that album, or any of Taylor’s other past albums on Spotify anytime soon, as the singer has completely pulled all of her music from the popular streaming service. Why the sudden change? It seems musicians aren’t being paid enough through streaming services.

Taylor’s move is sure going to shock a lot of Spotify’s users, as the service claims close to half of their 40 million subscribers listen to her music, and that she’s featured on a whopping 19 million playlists.

Taylor Swift Yanks All Her Music From Spotify

Of course Taylor Swift isn’t near the first musician/band to refuse to stream their music. Coldplay made ripples when they refused to stream their newest album, Ghost Stories. While I do like to use Spotify, I can’t argue with their reasoning to not put their music on it. If I was an artist I’d like to be paid a fair wage too, and not just pennies on the dollar. Now, it’s easy to sit back and say, “They have tons of money! They don’t need a raise!” And it’s true – they do have lots of money, but it’s the principle of the whole thing.

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