You just never know what Amazon has up their sleeve. First, they tell us they’re closer and closer to having drones deliver our packages to us, and now, they let us know they’re testing out a bicycle delivery system in New York City. Is it just me, or does that seem a little like they’re going in the opposite direction? Drones vs. bikes; hmm, I wonder who the winner would be?! All joking aside, package delivery via bicycles does make quite a bit of sense, especially when it comes to the big city. Think about it for a second – there’s no need for the FAA to get involved, bikes aren’t all that expensive and don’t require extensive training, it wouldn’t take all that long to get a bike delivery system rolled out, etc.

Amazon To Try Out Bicycles For Delivery

As of right now, Amazon has dubbed the servive Amazon Prime Now, and it’s being offered exclusively in New York City at the moment, and allows for some packages to be delivered without hours of the order being placed.

Bikes can certainly be faster than cars in some instances, and New York is no doubt one of the best places for Amazon to demo this new service. If it’s effective there, who knows how many cities they’ll introduce it to.

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