With all of the smart devices we use in the world, we are more frequently relying on Radio Frequency Identity (RFID) chips.  Our bank cards, smart phones and even transportation cards (Oyster cards) rely on this technology but hackers are aggressively targeting them. Norton and Betabrand have joined forces to create the READY Active range of clothing and are trying to address identity theft by designing clothes that protect the data on your devices and other wireless technology from scanning devices.

Think of the amount of data you carry around with you.  You may use contactless payments in shops, open your vehicle with an automatic car opener or even swipe your home security system with a card.  Needless to say, society is constantly using wireless data.

The new READY Active wear from Norton and Betabrand includes jeans and a blazer that have pockets made from RFID blocking fabric. The traditional slim-fit jeans are made from 88% cotton, 10% poly and 2% spandex.  So they offer comfort, style and protection.  You can’t get better than that.

As of right now, the company has not disclosed how the fabric works but it is likely that it is a conductive fabric creating a Faraday cage that stops electric fields from penetrating the fabric.  If no signals can pass through the fabric, it makes it harder for hackers to take information from you.

Betabrand has stated that the clothing will ensure that “your info stays yours”.

[Image via digitaltrends]

SOURCE: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/news/11300794/This-pair-of-jeans-can-protect-you-from-identity-theft.html