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Softonic’s Online Safety Measures: Compliance and Processes
If you’re checked on or downloaded any apps or games over the years, or perhaps read a review, the chances are you discovered it on Softonic. It’s one of the leading brands when it comes to trusted content. There are plenty of guides that will show you how best... Read more
AVG Ultimate 2019 review
When it comes to antivirus software there aren’t many bigger names in the game than AVG. The developer has been around for what feels like forever and is just as comfortable protecting your Android mobile as it is protecting your Windows PC. With security threats evolving all the time,... Read more
BitDefender Total Security 2019 review
In the crowded field of antivirus security programs, it can be hard for developers to make their software stand out. There are lots of credible options out there, and increasingly it is becoming easier for the discernible user to seek out all the pro level security features for free... Read more
NordVPN Review
VPNs create a secure and encrypted tunnel between your PC and the servers the VPN providers have placed around the world. These tunnels even bypass your internet service provider meaning they can provide an extremely effective way of protecting your privacy online. If the company who provides your connection... Read more
Report: Your phone number reveals more personal info than your name
According to a recent New York Times article, your phone number has loads of personal information attached to it.  Quite often, websites and apps ask us for our phone number when logging in or creating an account. However, by using searching for your phone number on, a hacker... Read more
How to make Apple’s Safari browser as secure as possible
Apple products have a much-deserved reputation for having robust protections against hackers, phishers, malware peddlers and other ne’er-do-wells of the online community. But when it comes to Apple’s web browser, Safari, it’s important to take the same steps to protect your private information as you would using any other... Read more
Kaspersky Claims Microsoft Antivirus Practices Are Anti-Competitive
Eugene Kaspersky, the founder of cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Labs has accused Microsoft of deliberately making it difficult for independent 3rd party anti-virus companies to compete. In a blog post entitled, “Enough is Enough,” Kaspersky says that Microsoft is abusing its dominant position in the market, and is using business... Read more
Control Your Security & Privacy With Secure Browser
Despite all the hype and attention that surrounds the “Big Three” of internet browsers, there are far more options than the standard internet user may realize. Each of the lesser-known options has its best features and its selling points, but there may be no bigger factor in this current... Read more
“Security Fatigue” Concerns Over Constant Hack Warnings
Study warns that users are just plain old  tired of having to remember so many passwords. A new study from the North American National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has discovered that a large proportion of people they interviewed were experiencing a heightened sense of security fatigue that... Read more
Germany Says Nein To WhatsApp Data Collection By Facebook
The National Data Protection Authority in Germany has moved to block the recent privacy changes made by Facebook regarding the collection of data from the recently acquired WhatsApp messenger. German authorities have also ordered Facebook to delete any of the data it has already collected for an estimated 35... Read more
2014 Cyber Attack On Yahoo Hit 500 Million Users
Yahoo has admitted that a cyber-attack that took place in 2014 stole data from around 500 million user accounts, 300 million more than it originally admitted to in August. The news broke a new record for what may be the largest publicly disclosed hack in history. Information accessed and... Read more
Seagate Sued By Staff After Phishing Data Leak
Seagate the hardware manufacturer most well-known for making hard drives for computers is this week facing down a lawsuit launched by some of its own employees after their personal information was handed over in a sophisticated phishing scam. Information about staff was apparently willingly attached to an email and... Read more
Hack Sees 800,000 Brazzers Porn Site Accounts Released
The names of almost 800,000 registered users of porn site Brazzers have been exposed in a data breach…Kind of. The exposed user data actually originated from a separate forum associated with the Brazzers website, but Brazzers users who never signed up to the forum may unfortunately also have had... Read more
Dropbox Logins And Passwords Stolen…4 Years Ago
The popular cloud storage firm DropBox has been hacked and the details of 68 million of its users’ emails and login passwords have been dumped onto the internet for the whole world to see. The hack, which took place in 2012
wait a minute, 2012? Let me just check that.... Read more
Ashley Madison Security Investigation: “Unacceptable shortcomings” Report Finds
Privacy watchdog investigating the now infamous Ashley Madison data hack of July 2015 reports that the website used inadequate security systems and conned users into thinking it was more secure than it actually was. The report released this week stated that Avid Life Media, the Canadian based owners of... Read more
Mayhem wins Cyber-Attack Defense Competition
A piece of computer software known as “Mayhem”, has won a competition in Las Vegas, that was seeking to find the best software that can defend against cyber-attacks at a completely autonomous level. The competition was the brainchild of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and was setup... Read more
200 Million Yahoo Accounts Up For Sale On Dark Web
Yahoo, the former web giant that once allegedly passed up the opportunity to buy both Google and Facebook, and was sold to Verizon last week for a fraction of what it was once worth, is investigating a possible huge data breach of its users credentials. The hacker known as... Read more
Are Security Holes In Apps Leaking Your Data?
There’s an app for just about everything these days, especially where our health is concerned. However, what permissions are consumers blindly granting to the latest apps, and who has access to that data? News recently appeared that a popular pregnancy and fertility tracking app had some serious security holes,  inlcluding a... Read more