Hello Games has revealed a new trailer for No Man’s Sky, the upcoming space exploration game for PS4 and PC. The trailer looks fantastic and shows some of the ways to get around the different planets, through wormholes and spacecraft; another trailer shows trading with AI. It also shows the variety of planet designs, all procedurally generated.

However, apart from the wormholes and linear trade, Hello Games did not reveal much at all through this new trailer. It is still unclear what users are expected to do in the world of No Man’s Sky. The UI shows no missions available, meaning we could be in for a simple exploration game, where the player goes from planet to planet discovering new species.

No Man's Sky

There has been some space fighting show in past trailers, but it is unclear if this will be with other players or with AI in the single-player. Hello Games has not set a firm release date for the game, stating it will come in 2015 and first on PS4. This does give them a few months to polish the game and at least tell gamers who to expect from No Man’s Sky.

Right now, even with how gorgeous the game looks, No Man’s Sky seems like a bit of redundant experience. Like Spore 2.0, but without the questing or evolution status. Hello Games is a small studio and has not worked on anything this big before. Sony will be working alongside the studio to make sure everything is going smoothly for the 2015 launch.

In interviews, Hello Games Director Sean Murray has not went in-depth about the gameplay or multiplayer. It is nice to hold secrets for the player, but if No Man’s Sky is nothing more than an exploration game, it is going to get dull real fast.