In the last few weeks Chromecasts have been available in online sales for as little as £18, making an already inexpensive media streaming device an even more tempting proposition, and take up of the device has seen a spike with new adopters jumping on the bandwagon. It’s advertised as a plug and play device, which is a little optimistic for the less tech savvy, so here’s a quick guide on how to get up and running with your first Chromecast.

There are a few things you will need first, you probably already have them, you need to have a TV with an available HD input, so it’s no use trying to use a Chromecast on your ten year old CRT Television, you have to own either an Android or Apple phone, laptop or tablet to control it and you have to have a wireless home network connection. It’s recommended that your wireless router is within 20 feet of your Chromecast, you will probably be able to set it up at any distance, but once you try and stream HD video over a weak signal you might have some issues.


You have two options to power your Chromecast, you can plug it in using the adaptor and power it from a normal wall outlet, so that’s an extra wire sticking out from behind your TV, or even better, if you have a spare USB connection on the back of your TV, you can plug the Chromcast into this using the supplied adapter and use the charge from your TVs USB to power it and have a neat wireless solution to powering your new toy.

Once the Chrome cast is plugged into a HD input and has a power source turn your television on and choose the HD port you have the Chromecast plugged into as your viewing source. A screen should now come up prompting you to set up your Chromecast, this is where you will need your Android or Apple phone, laptop or tablet. Do as the screen tells you, visit your App Store and Download the Chromecast application.