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How to add facecam to videos using Windows
We’ve all watched those videos where a narrator is speaking from a smaller part of the screen while referring to the main picture. But how do you actually create this effect? First of all, this type of content is known as a picture-in-picture, or video-in-video, recording. Most people just... Read more
How to Voiceover a YouTube Video Like a Pro
A YouTube voiceover may sound like a simple thing to just throw together. You just talk while a video is playing, right? Well, although that may be true, there’s a subtle art behind creating the perfect voiceover. Get it right and you can revolutionise your content and help maintain... Read more
How to Record Video Games on PC for YouTube
So, you want to be a YouTuber? It’s hardly surprising. YouTube has given people the world over the ability to share their hobbies and passions with the internet, and a relative handful of them have gone on to be huge stars who rake in a considerable amount of money.... Read more
How to Make a Watermark for YouTube
Creating a watermark for your YouTube channel is not as difficult as it may first appear And, with a little skill with image and photo editor software, you can create a professional looking logo with ease. YouTube has come a long way since it first launched just 13 years ago... Read more
How To Choose The Best Video Editing Software For You 
As video editing software becomes ever more accessible for the masses, there’s never been a better time to get involved. And that’s great and all that, but there’s a lot of choice on our website, so how do you choose the one that’s best for you? It’s a good... Read more
How to Convert Video to MP3 For Free
For lovers of soundtracks and sound effects, here are some free downloads of MP3 converter software for PC or Mac, to enable you to convert video to MP3 audio Among the more consistently popular free downloads of software for PC or Mac is the MP3 converter – a utility... Read more
Record your PC desktop with Gom Cam
Reviewed: the desktop video capture software packed with useful features. Gom Cam is a nifty piece of software that allows you to record your PC screen exactly as it appears, well… on your screen. Gom Cam can also record all the audio outputs from you PC or laptop, making it the... Read more
How To Use Chromecast Guest Mode
One of the many joys of owning a Chromecast is the ability for multiple devices to connect to it. This means if you have several people in front of your television, any of them with a smartphone or tablet can cast content to the screen, add videos to a... Read more
Netflix Will Trick Your Kids This New Year’s Eve (If You Want)
Let’s face it – New Year’s Eve is cool and all, but sometimes parents don’t want to wait up with their kids until the ball drops at the midnight hour. Sometimes, parents are tired and don’t want to wait up at all; they just want to go to bed.... Read more
How to Set Up a Chromecast on a HD TV
In the last few weeks Chromecasts have been available in online sales for as little as £18, making an already inexpensive media streaming device an even more tempting proposition, and take up of the device has seen a spike with new adopters jumping on the bandwagon. It’s advertised as... Read more
How to Create Chromakey Effects in Video
We’ve come a long way since Star Wars. Where the ability to magically insert different video elements together was once the province of special effects studios, with expensive equipment that filled an aircraft hanger, most of us can now create complex and impressive chromakey effects on our home computers.... Read more
How To Create/Play Blu-ray ISO Image Files On A Media PC
I love movies like most people, but I tend to keep my collection on backup files rather than using DVD or Blu-Ray.  It is quite easy to back up your DVD and Blu-ray collection to ISO image files.  An ISO is a file, which is an exact image of... Read more
How To Add Subtitles In VLC Player
VLC player is a great application to play all sorts of your media files.  But what if you want to watch a movie with subtitles, but the file you have acquired has none?  Don’t panic, you can add them yourself!  It really is simple, once you know how to... Read more