In recent versions of Adobe Photoshop, more geometrical effects have been added to the default filters library. One of the eager newcomers is the Extrude filter. This takes any selection, image or layer and pushes it outwards using a series of cubes or pyramids. It’s one of those new filters that seasoned Photoshop users immediately dismiss as a useless gimmick and never click on again, but it’s well worth taking just a few minutes to become familiar with it so you can add it to your Photoshop arsenal.

Open any image, a face or a scene, any image with some distinct areas of colour works well with this filter.


Choose Filter, Stylize, Extrude to bring up the options window for this filter. You will see several variables you can play with to tweak the effect. Try using the default settings first, so just clock OK and you will see that the image has been converted into a series of three dimensional shapes pushing outwards at angles from the centre.

Your Extrude window variables can all be changed to give different effects, so undo the last change and try the filter when you’ve changed these values a few times.