During the recent CES in Las Vegas last week, an LED TV brand called Cello, made the announcement that a partnership with Stream TV Networks was underway in order to produce a 3D TV without the need for glasses. The televisions will initially range from 50 to 65″ in size and they will utilise 4K panels for maximum clarity and feature real-time conversion into the special Ultra-D format from any 2D or 3D source.

The technology behind these incredible electronics will not come cheap however. The anticipated pricing structure will be in the region of £2,500 for the 50″ model and £3,500 for the 65″ model. The new televisions from Cello, will feature a  Qualcomm 8074 Snapdragon chip for real-time Ultra-D processing of High Definition content from any source, whether that be Blu-ray, cable, satellite, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and OTT services such as Netflix.

The team said that all the models that will be available will allow viewers to adjust the amount of the image depth. I imagine that this will be a truly luxurious viewing experience, no matter what content you want to see.

Cello products are made at a specially developed production facility that is located in the North East of England. The products are distributed in the UK and Europe via major retailers and also online services such as Amazon.com. In addition to Cello-branded televisions, the company also constructs electronics for partners like Goodmans.

Stream TV’s breakthrough Ultra-D technology is the only proprietary glasses-free 3D solution, which delivers a top-notch visual display and also content conversion from any 2D or 3D source.

Cello Electronics is one of Europe’s most innovative LED TV brands. The company has also recently expanded the product range to now include digital tablets, laptops and all-in-one PCs. 

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SOURCE: http://www.crowdedbrain.co.uk/tv-monitors/cello-launches-glasses-free-3d-tv-technology.html