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Watch the Mona Lisa brought to life with AI
Earlier this week we told you how artificial intelligence (AI) was being used to create whisky. Now for something a little more alarming… A new AI experiment has seen the Mona Lisa brought to life. The famous work of art is just one of a host of iconic faces... Read more
Pirated Game of Thrones Downloads Most Likely to Home Malware
A Kaspersky Lab study has found that hackers are sneakily adding malware to illegal downloads of popular TV shows. Game of Thrones downloads, and indeed those of other top series’, are the most susceptible to this kind of thing. This is according to the new study, published on Monday... Read more
Apple Keynote Event Welcomes New Services
Apple has unveiled four huge new products, and the world of tech has reacted with excitement and intrigue… As expected, the Apple keynote event in California was star-studded and saw some big announcements. Not only will Apple launch a new TV streaming platform, it will also create ‘a new... Read more
Netflix Jumps Apple Fees, Bypassing App Store Signup
This could be bad news for Apple… Netflix has proven something in its nearly two decade-history: it’s a game-changing innovator who’s constantly experimenting in order to stay relevant and profitable. From its start taking on the age-old video rental store concept as a DVD-by-mail subscription all the way through... Read more
Walmart Aims To Take On Netflix, Hulu, And More
Walmart-owned Vudu is nothing new, at least not in terms of the basic function. It’s actually quite a refreshing break from the “pay for it all, consume everything” nature of most video streaming services. Like a lazy man’s Redbox, Vudu lets you pay only for titles you want to... Read more
Sony Accidentally Posts Entire Movie To YouTube Instead Of Just The Trailer…
News has emerged that Sony unintentionally uploaded a full 90 minute movie to YouTube, when all they were trying to do was upload a teaser trailer. The mistake made by Sony’s US distributor stayed online for over 6 hours, before the error was spotted, and the movie removed, earlier... Read more
Downloads Rule, But Is Physical Media Really Dead?
The ability to download software and other media has undoubtedly changed the way those products are consumed. But are the days of physical media really over for good? Almost every type of media we humans enjoy consuming has now been digitised and are available – either for free or... Read more
VLC 3.0 Vetinari Launches For All Platforms
The latest version of the free ‘play-everything-and-anything’ VLC Media Player has been released for Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, Apple TV, and Chrome OS. Its gets Chromecast support, and is just as good as ever. The good news, is that it’s still free, it plays even more formats... Read more
Logan Paul Faces Outrage After Posting YouTube Suicide Video
Logan Paul, one of YouTube’s biggest ‘stars,’ has faced a barrage of criticism after he posted a video online showing a man who had killed himself in a forest in Japan. The video received millions of views before it was removed by Paul amid a tsunami of criticism, with... Read more
Word From Our Editor: How Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Know What You Love
Playlists and recommendations are the gateway to great discoveries, but just how do they work? We take a look at the science behind the magic. It’s fair to say we take a lot of pretty amazing technology for granted these days. Self-parking cars? Boring. 100mbps WiFi? Too slow man.... Read more
Toonz Releases Open-Source Animation Software
In the past seven years, the tech world has undergone a major shift in terms of giving “the little guy” the tools to build a high-quality product and a platform to monetize his efforts. The self-publishing craze that was sparked by the digital publishing revolution is probably the most... Read more
Today’s Updates Are All About Video
We’ve come a long way from the days when low-res, blocky characters would hop up and down on our screens, wowing us with their animated awesomeness. Back in 1985, that was some cool stuff. But today’s tech user expects live streaming, HD graphics, integrated sound, autoplay, and other cool... Read more
Netflix New Terms Of Service Allows Subscription Termination If You Use VPN
Netflix has been giving mixed signals regarding VPN and geo-location tools, with the first reports claiming a ban would hit, followed by CEO Reed Hastings and other executives appealing to VPN users, and now Netflix has changed its policy to destroy VPN users. The terms of service change allows... Read more
Facebook Launches Embeddable Video Player
Facebook is getting serious with video. After setting videos to autoplay last year, it is now offering a way to embed the videos using HTML code. YouTube offered the same type of embed code a few years ago. Now, most traffic to YouTube comes from embeds from other sites,... Read more
YouTube May Launch Subscription Video Service
Everybody loves Raymond. No, wait, I mean YouTube. Everybody loves YouTube. YouTube is at the heart of every person’s favourites bar. No matter where you are, you can view the Google-owned service to watch your favourite US classic comedy, sports moments, music videos, lol cats or whatever else you can think... Read more
Apple Repairing Certain MacBooks For Free Due To Bad Video
If you happened to buy a certain MacBook Pro between February 2011 and December 2013, you may be eligible to have Apple repair it for free due to a problem dealing with video playback. Apple has revealed that certain MacBook Pro models between those years have some hardware problems... Read more
Netflix Working On Live Action Legend Of Zelda Series
According to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, streaming media company, Netflix, is currently developing a live-action series that is based upon Nintendo’s famous The Legend of Zelda gaming series. The show has been described as “Game of Thrones for a family audience.” The Legend Of Zelda games... Read more
YouTube Trials Multi Angle Videos
YouTube are testing a new feature that is basically a multi-camera setup. The new service is still in its beta stage, but YouTube are testing it out on the public now. The new service is in its rudimentary testing form, but it allows you to choose the angle from... Read more