A team over at one of Russia’s many startups, Livemap, has developed a unique motorcycle helmet. In fact, it is a one of a kind piece of kit that will assist all kinds of bikers. The Livemap Smart Helmet will come equipped with voice control whilst at the same time delivering GPS navigation directly inline with the wearers field of vision. This coupled with some augmented reality will make the Livemap Smart Helmet a great use of tech.

As you ride you will be able to see your directions in your helmet’s display, without having to mess around with another device, or even take your eyes away from the road ahead of you.

Way back in January of 2014, the Livemap team demonstrated an preliminary version of their display, which at the time proved to be transparent enough that it was able to display a map without becoming too much of a distraction, thereby obscuring the road ahead. Obviously this is the most important safety feature.

Throughout this year, most of the work that was accomplished was to build the pre-production prototype of Livemap’s optics. This will be made up entirely of aspheric lenses that will enable the helmet to be “smaller and lighter and sometimes cheaper than the multi-lens design.”

Live map is planning to roll out the prototype of the Livemap Smart Helmet in the spring of this year. The final product is then set for shipping and sales in the US some time in the summer. The US is not the only market that will see the Smart Helmet for sale and other areas are going to be added throughout the year. The pricing structure for the product has yet to be finalised. The initial price is $2000, but we would hope for a more sensible price to match this great use of tech. 

[Image via wordlesstech]

SOURCE: http://www.ubergizmo.com/2014/12/livemap-of-russia-develops-smart-motorcycle-helmet/?utm_source=mobilerepublic