It’s always a challenge finding that perfect outfit to wear on a motorcycle; you want to look stylish, but you also want whatever you wear to be practical and to also be safe at the same time. Okay, forget those things – you just want to look awesome as you fly down the highway and/or zigzag in and out of traffic. There are all kinds of helmets available that will protect your head on the road, but let’s admit it – a lot of them don’t have the “cool” factor, and that can be a problem if that sort of thing is important to you. If you’re a biker and a Halo fan, there’s really only one question you need to ask yourself before you purchase your next helmet: Do I want to look like Master Chief while I’m zipping down the road? Of course you do; who wouldn’t? Thanks to Neca, come July of 2015, bikers everywhere will have Master Chief’s iconic helmet as a choice for their headgear.

Dress Like Master Chief With This Motorcycle Helmet

Looks pretty awesome, right? I can’t tell you the price right now as it isn’t yet available, but I can tell you the helmet has been fully approved by the Department of Transportation as far as its safety features go.

One thing you can be sure of – you’ll be sure to get second looks from other drivers as Master Chief passes them on the road.

[Image via TheFWhoosh]

SOURCE: Yahoo Tech