I don’t know about you, but I don’t like autoplay videos on the web or in apps for that matter.  If something catches my eye and I am intrigued about the topic, then I’ll click on it at my leisure, not when forced to. There are some websites that autoplay your content too. Take for instance the social network Facebook. According to Facebook, video viewing is easier to watch when the content is played automatically in your News Feed, but it is very unlikely you that want every native video in your Facebook stream sparking into life.

If you, like me, are almost driven to the point of insanity by your videos automatically playing in your feed then follow this simple guide to amend your settings. It only takes a few simple tweaks in your Facebook settings and once you have completed these steps, it’s easy to keep your clips static as you scroll through your feed.

Using the web:

Click on the down arrow icon at the top-right of your Facebook homepage. Next, scroll down the menu and click ‘Settings’. Click on the ‘Videos’ option at the very bottom of the left-hand settings menu. If you look under ‘Video Settings’, you’ll now see options for ‘Auto-play Videos’. Hit the down arrow to change the option to ‘Off’.

Using your mobile:

Enter your Facebook app and click on the three horizontal lines (More) icon at the bottom-right of your screen. Next, scroll down to ‘Settings’ (Note: If you are using an Android device, it’s ‘App Settings’ and then select ‘Videos’). Now, tap ‘Auto-play’ in the ‘Video Settings’ menu and choose the option which says ‘Never Play Videos Automatically.’

That’s it!

[Image via rankranger]