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How Android and iOS Users can Hide WhatsApp ‘Last Seen’ Status
Instant messaging means that almost everyone is reachable within just a few clicks these days. That’s great, right? Well, there are some slightly annoying side-effects… Take WhatsApp ‘last seen’ notifications for example. If you’re not great at quickly responding to messages, you can definitely do without it! The globe’s... Read more
This is the ‘life-changing’ iPhone space bar hack that everyone is talking about
An apparently ‘secret’ hack involving the iPhone space bar is, rather hilariously, ‘blowing minds’ across the world right now. Surely, we’ve all been in the situation where we have to move the cursor while texting to edit a misspelt or unwanted word? This can be potentially problematic, especially if... Read more
Facebook Video Autoplay: How To Stop It
I don’t know about you, but I don’t like autoplay videos on the web or in apps for that matter.  If something catches my eye and I am intrigued about the topic, then I’ll click on it at my leisure, not when forced to. There are some websites that... Read more
How to Rearrange Instagram Filters
Here at Techbeat, we reported last week that Instagram had announced a, well needed, update for both the iOS and Android app. Top of the change-log list was the addition of five new filters.  All of these take a more subtle approach to enhancing your images. There is a... Read more
How to Use Twitter Analytics for Free
If you are a non-professional Twitter user, in that you are not using Twitter to promote a commercial enterprise, push a product or maybe just generally take over the world with your ego, then you have probably never paid to advertise your tweets. If you have entered the world... Read more
How to Get More Followers on Twitter
If you use Twitter regularly, you’ll have noticed that they are now pushing users into buying promotional packages. Twitter introduced promoted tweets way back in March 2012 and they have been met with mixed results from users ever since, many find them an annoyance, an invasion into their personal... Read more
How To Share Your Screen With Skype
Have you ever wanted to show a friend, whom you are talking to over the Internet, something on your computer, but just don’t know how? Skype has a great feature that allows you to share your screen on your Windows desktop. Screen sharing lets you share your computer screen... Read more
How To Remove Yourself From Facebook
If you want to delete your Facebook account, it will prove more difficult than you think to erase yourself permanently from the social network.   Facebook has ever-changing privacy policies, so becoming Facebook-free requires a few more steps than just clicking delete my account. You need to remember that account deletion is not... Read more
How Social Media Can Help in Times of Crisis
Social media is replacing traditional media outlets in times of disaster.  Experts find that during times of crisis, as with the recent hurricane that struck the entire U.S.’ Eastern seaboard, many of those affected turn to Facebook pages and Twitter to both relay and receive information. In the past,... Read more
How to Deal With a Social Media Hoax
Due to social networking and the internet, many people have become citizen journalists, sometimes given first-hand accounts of stories and offering perspectives that many mainstream journalist’s cannot.   This is revolutionary in today’s day and age of instant news broadcast and information, but does have its drawbacks.  Citizen journalism does... Read more
Why Companies Should Let Employees Use Social Media
The focus of companies is often on how much time is wasted when employees are chatting on Facebook or sending tweets about their day. However, some experts say that they should be looking at the benefits of allowing their staff to use social media.  In fact, in some areas... Read more
How to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts
Ever since Instagram was launched in October 2010, the photo sharing cum social networking platform has exploded in user base. While it was only available for iOS devices in the beginning, Android couldn’t be totally ignored with its huge number of users as well. And, as things went, Instagram... Read more
How to Clean Up Your Online Reputation
You may not have thought about it at the time, but that embarrassing post on your Facebook page just might cost you a new job opportunity.  Many people do not realize that recruiters are looking at their online profiles to make a decision about candidates.  And if you list... Read more