You may or may not be aware that for the past 12 years EA Sports has used the current Madden football game to try and predict the outcome of the subsequent Super Bowl. And let’s be honest – sometimes it gets it right, and sometimes (like last year), it gets it way wrong. Even with the misses, though, it’s still boasts a 9-3 record. And when it came to predicting what would happen in last Sunday’s Super Bowl XLIX, it predicted the game exactly right – final score and all.

Madden 15' Predicted Exact Super Bowl Score

Look, folks, it didn’t just predict the correct winning team and the correct final score – it also predicted Tom Brady coming back to win the game with a 4th quarter touchdown pass to Julian Edelman, as well as the quarterback receiving another MVP award. (And those are just a few of the eerie similarities). You can read some others here.

Also, as the link points out, Madden was not able to foresee the horrible Seattle play that resulted in an interception at the goal line late in the 4th quarter when they should have by all reasoning won the game. (I don’t think anyone could’ve seen that play coming).

Who said video games can’t be useful for anything?

[Image via Business Insider]

SOURCE: Yahoo Tech