As a person who was a teenager when Microsoft’s first Xbox console was released, I played my fair share of Halo. For years, it seemed Halo replaced Goldeneye as the multiplayer game to play with friends. Everything about the game seemed groundbreaking; the vehicles, the characters, the missions – but especially the weapons. Who could forget the plasma grenades that stuck to pretty much whatever they landed on? (I can’t tell you how many hours I spent sending my Warthog sky-high with a healthy dose of those little sticky grenades). Besides the grenades, the guns were fairly new territory as well – especially the Needler. You remember that one, don’t you? The purplish/pink one which shot “needles” that honed in on your target? It was probably my favorite gun from the game. Thankfully, though, it didn’t just stay in the game via my television screen – it’ll be hitting store shelves sometime relatively soon. (Sadly, though, it’ll only shoot darts. But, I guess a “dart Needler” is better than no Needler at all).

The Needler Gun From Halo Has Been Developed

Mattell has decided to come out with all kinds of dart guns designed after the weapons in Halo, and it turns out their version of the Needler is just the first round. At least it looks like they got the look right!

This news seriously makes me want to have a dart war using only weapons from the Halo universe. What do you think? Does this kind of news bring out the kid inside of you?