Samsung is serious about convincing users the Galaxy S6 is the best smartphone, according to a new report from Sam Mobile, the South Korean electronics giant has removed almost all of its bloatware from the TouchWiz UI.


It follows previous reports on “Project Zero”, Samsung’s internal project to start from scratch and remove any unnecessary software and services from the phone, delivering a cleaner UI.

Samsung S Voice and S Health will remain on the Galaxy S6, but all of apps and services have been removed. All of the Google apps are still on the device, in order for Samsung to pre-install the Google Play store.

Facebook and WhatsApp are both pre-installed as well, not too shocking considering Facebook has over 800 million mobile users and WhatsApp is just behind with 700 million, it is basically saving 95 percent of users the download time.

Microsoft will also be getting in on the free space. According to the report, Skype, One Drive and One Note will be pre-installed on the Galaxy S6. There’s no word on Office for Mobile; perhaps Samsung will offer it through the OneDrive app.

Samsung is known for making deals with large software companies to pre-install apps on the Galaxy S, likely to sell over 30 million units in 2015 according to analysts.

Microsoft’s deal might have come from the recent Android lawsuit between the two companies, with Samsung offering a prime place on the Galaxy S6 for Microsoft to settle the lawsuit.

TouchWiz has reportedly been toned down to match Android Lollipop’s aesthetic and will have less performance issues and storage weight. This might mean Galaxy S6 users get close to 32GB when they have finished downloading all of the software updates, unlike previously where the Galaxy S4 and S5 ate half of the available storage.

Samsung will launch the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge at Mobile World Congress on March 1st. TechBeat will be covering the event so stay tuned.

Source: SamMobile