Are you an avid gamer who’s trying to spruce up your living room a little bit? Haven’t found just the right feng shui yet? Can’t get everything coordinated just the way you want it? Why not just use the PlayStation 3 controller as a coffee table? Of course I don’t mean the actual PlayStation 3 controller as that would be a tad bit too small, but you can actually use a gigantic wooden version of the controller.

Use A PlayStation Controller As A Coffee Table

Woodcurve, a store on Etsy, has several different wooden creations, but the one that probably sticks out the most to me is a huge replica of the iconic Sony controller.

It consists of birch plywood, weighs somewhere around 100 pounds, and of course has a little storage space where you can put your PlayStation games and the smaller controller. All that’s the good news.

The bad news? It’s one expensive coffee table at $3,000. You also apparently have to shell out another $200 just to get it shipped to your house. (You’ll probably also have to enlist some help to place it where you want it once it does get to your house).

If my wife would let me have something like this, I’d probably be all over it – except that she wouldn’t, and even if she would, there’s probably no way I’d pay that much for a coffee table. If it was only a couple hundred bucks, though – it’d probably be game over.

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[Image via Geekologie]