We all have ambitions – they’re what keep us going. Without some kind of a dream, it’s easy to lose hope and to just feel like quitting as life doesn’t seem worthwhile. Some dreams are smaller in scale, such as getting out of debt or landing that dream job; others, are a bit bigger, such as maybe becoming President of the United States or a best-selling author. (Or whatever your dream is). And then there are the dreams that you don’t hear everyday – dreams such as wanting to be the first woman to ever give birth on Mars. Seeing as no human being has ever stepped foot onto the Red Planet yet, that’s quite the dream indeed. But just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen. You’ve heard of the Mars One project, right?

If you haven’t heard of Mars One, it’s a group of people who want to fully establish a human colony on Mars by the year 2025, just ten years into the future. Maggie Lieu is a 24-year-old Ph. D.candidate at Birmingham University at the moment, but if she gets her wish, she will launch with a select few others to begin the colonization of Mars. She is awaiting word to see whether or not she’ll be chosen to go to Mars. If she is chosen, one of her life’s big dreams is to be the first woman to deliver a child on Mars – a child she realizes will be the first “martian”. Obviously, she’s aware that giving birth on Mars vs. Earth might have a few differences, such as the gravity factor.

This Woman Wants To Have The First Baby On Mars

If Mars One is successful, all of those who leave Earth are not ever planning to return home again, which speaks volumes of their commitment to their mission.

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SOURCE: Huffington Post