Here’s a bit of trivia: did you know that September has the highest numbers of babies born, followed by August, July, then June? Guess what that means? Statistically, you’re going to be invited to some baby showers in the near future.

As any veteran parents can tell you (and grandparents too), there’s a lot of crap on the market for parents. There’s a simple reason for this: new parents will buy anything. Slap a smiling kid on the label, produce it in a pastel color, and it’s marketing gold.

So we’ve narrowed down the latest in tech that is designed to make things easier for the new parents in your life while simultaneously elevating you to the status of best aunt or uncle ever. Some of these are so awesome everyone could use one, and others are so expensive that you need to decide whether or not you should just put money in the kid’s college account. Either way, these things are pretty cool.

Smart Baby Bottle

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I remember the pain of handing my tiny infant--surely the tiniest human ever born, from the way I remember it--over to a day care worker. It was tough, but besides just missing your baby in general, the hard part is giving your baby up and knowing the child can't speak to tell you what the day was like.

The BabyGlgl smartbottle, though, will give parents feedback on their phones about how much was consumed, when, for how long, whether there was too much air in the bottle, and more. Don't think of it as a tattling bottle, but more like info that parents and day care providers can both benefit from.