The data security and privacy sector has been promoting the benefits of a VPN for everyone from companies with proprietary content to grandmas who are playing around on Facebook. In light of the constant news of data breaches, hacking events, and yes, even governments spying on their own citizens’ online use, the use of virtual private networks is becoming the norm for a lot of tech users.

log me in hamachi


But one type of VPN solution is a little more focused, geared specifically to the need to securely connect not only your PC, laptop, phone, or tablet to the internet, but to connect multiple computers safely without the threat of prying eyes watching their every keystroke. Hamachi, also know by its full name LogMeIn Hamachi, lets users set up a VPN of sorts that connects their computers remotely and builds what amounts to its own private network, just as if each computer was connected by a cable.

Content is encrypted before leaving the client’s computer, and incoming content is basically rendered untrackable. The whole process works through a tunnel-effect, even for broadcasts and live streaming.

It might sound a little too tinfoil hat for some people to think that they need their own private bomb shelter on the internet, but this isn’t all that Hamachi can do. While its encryption capabilities are at or above industry standard–even on the free-use license–setting up your computers in their own private bubble also lets you connect remotely to access files, drives, and more without having to worry about who else can get at the them.

The best part of the setup is the pricing structure. Yes, there are more features available in premium subscriptions, but the security is bar none even in the free accounts. Much like products like Team Viewer, Hamachi is free for non-commercial use but can be licensed for businesses.

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