We’ve come a long way from the days when low-res, blocky characters would hop up and down on our screens, wowing us with their animated awesomeness. Back in 1985, that was some cool stuff. But today’s tech user expects live streaming, HD graphics, integrated sound, autoplay, and other cool video features.



The list of updates released today on FileHippo fills those needs and then some. Three separate programs have released new versions that are sure to make the visual experience better in some way.

The first is PowerDirector, a little powerhouse for video editing that can handle almost any task. With the ability to create your own themes, capture four different camera angles at the same time, and take advantage of 100+ editing tools and 400+ professional effects, this is the perfect software for any would-be editor.

But what if you don’t have cameras to work with? What if you need to create video from screen views and produce a professional-looking result, such as for a presentation or introductory video to upload to YouTube? Then you need Bandicam. It’s a screen recorder that let’s you pretty much capture anything you’ve got running on your screen, which makes it perfect for generating professional quality tutorials, spliced together video clips, and more.

Finally, Silverlight, Microsoft’s web browser plug-in for consuming high-quality video and audio, got an update today, so now is a good time to head to FileHippo to nab it. This way, you won’t be surprised with a request to download the update the next time you try to watch a video. Considering all the operating systems it supports and all the content being written for optimized viewing through Silverlight, you’ll be glad you did.

Whatever your editing needs, head over to FileHippo to check out these and other updates by clicking HERE.