There are a few reasons to skirt the old standbys and try something different with your email, as this update from Pale Moon shows. The people who launched their own browser have released an update to their popular FossaMail feature, and it’s a great way to switch from a cloud-based mail client to a desktop.



FossaMail is built on the Mozilla Thunderbird client but without all the will-they-or-won’t-they of the rumors that Mozilla has done with Thunderbird. Even better, FossaMail is compatible with both Windows and Linux, while offering a 64-bit download in Windows to up the speed, address more memory, and perform other 64-bit operations.

At the same time, FossaMail looks and feels just like Thunderbird, despite the oval tab fiasco. It still offers a contacts list, calendar, and chat, just like most users have come to expect from their email platforms. It’s so close to Thunderbird, in fact, that the developers didn’t bother with an extensive tutorial or FAQ, but instead just point users to the Thunderbird help section if they have any problems.

But since we know and love Mozilla, it’s worth noting that the Utilu Mozilla Firefox collection got an update as well. This handy tool lets developers and web publishers see how their sites will work within Firefox, which is helpful since the browser consistently remains in the top three of most-used web browsers around the world. It maintains a lot of versions of Firefox so you can check your compatibility against multiple releases in order to reach as wide an audience of users as possible.

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