Microsoft keep quiet but leaked memo all but confirms date.

An internal memo obtained by from Microsoft’s internal intranet last week confirmed what many in the industry long suspected: Microsoft Office 2016 will be released in September, on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.

While Microsoft have yet to officially comment on the validity of the date in question, employees are apparently now using the final version of Office internally, signalling that the Windows version is now ready for release.

office 2016

The leaked image allegedly  taken from that names the date for Office 2016

The initial release on September 22 for Windows is expected to be  for Professional and Home users only.

Preview builds have shown that Office 2016 is an evolution rather than a revolution, with what seems like mostly incremental and graphical improvements: The colorful bars from the mobile versions of Office are now also part of the desktop version. Yay!  The most notable change to Office 2016 is the more universal feel it brings across all the major existing systems. Office 2016 has been intentionally crafted with touchscreen users, and cloud storage accessible files across multiple devices. Office 2016 has been available to anyone with an existing Office 365 subscription plan for several weeks now so there are unlikely to be any new surprises in the final version when it becomes official.

office 2016

One of the leaked images of Office 2016, from

With Windows 10 mobile also launching soon, a plethora of innovative Windows phones, and a new Surface Pro to boot as well, it will come as no surprise to see Office 2016 launch before the new devices enter the market.

There has been precious little if anything from Microsoft related to pricing announcements in the run up to Office 2016, but industry insiders expect there to be no difference in price for 365 subscribers, and can also expect a similar price point as the Office versions already available in  the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft is currently riding high after the phenomenal success of the Windows 10 launch at the end of July. In little over a month, Windows 10 was installed 75 million times across the globe, and has been received very positively.

Hopes are now high in Microsoft that some of that positive attention will rub off when Office 2016 gets its official release later this month.