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What’s the big deal about the Google Pixel 4 smartphone?
We’ve known a lot about the Google Pixel 4 for quite some time as Google seemed content to leak all the finer details. We’ve known about the new dual camera unit on the back and we’ve had a solid idea about the front screen and interesting innovations like Google’s... Read more
Software Updates May Be Eating Your Battery
The post-apocalyptic reality of smartphone battery life made headlines over the course of the last few months when Samsung announced it would begin intentionally killing the charging capabilities of Galaxy Note 7 batteries around the world. While it was largely a safety measure to protect people from having a... Read more
Pixel: The Power Of Software
The anticipation leading up to Google’s launch of its new smartphone came with mixed speculation. While known for innovation and a game-changing approach to its products, the Pixel and Pixel XL came to market with a cloud of naysaying speculation hanging over its launch. But now that Pixel is... Read more
The Changing Face Of Facial Recognition
Facial recognition software is the eerie stuff of Hollywood cyberthrillers, and interestingly, it always seems to be the “good guys” who are using it badly. The rogue hero somehow manages to thwart their efforts by ducking and weaving through a crowded metro station while the suddenly inept cops can’t... Read more
Workplace: Facebook’s New Business Software
Everything your boss hates about Facebook–namely, employees constantly checking it on their phones while they’re supposed to be at work–just got rolled over into a new productivity package that the social media giant hopes to monetize in a big way. Workplace, Facebook’s subscription-based productivity software, has launched as a... Read more
New Apps Meet Everyday Needs
Years ago, I was standing on a Manhattan street corner, waiting on the car service to take me to the airport. A colleague who’d attended the same conference said, “Why are you waiting out here? Just use Uber.” After my blank stare, she was inclined to explain about this... Read more
Verizon Leaks Early Pics Of Google’s Pixel Smartphone
Only hours away from Google’s highly anticipated live hardware unveiling event, Verizon and a few other key people did the unthinkable: they leaked pictures of Google’s new smartphone online. Media embargoes and non-disclosure agreements can be tricky things. Violating the agreement not to divulge information before the appointed time... Read more
Samsung Updating Note 7 Whether You Like It Or Not
When it comes to product recalls, consumer response can be sluggish. Take the low turnout in Seoul recently, in which only a small percentage of Samsung Note 7 users showed up to exchange their smartphones (aka, “fire starter”). But Samsung owners in one regional market are either going to... Read more
Software That Seeks To Improve Battery Life
Nextbit has already disrupted the smartphone industry, but the software powering its OS aims to disrupt how a battery works. We’ve all heard the little tips and tricks for increasing your battery life: turn off your wifi so your device isn’t searching for connections, close out any apps that... Read more
  PC Market Not Dead, Says Intel Boss
It’s just we’re all waiting longer in between upgrades… At least that’s what Intel CEO Brian Krzanich stated on the first day of June at the Bernstein Strategic Decisions Conference in New York. Kraznich was fairly adamant in his belief that the ‘PC is not dead,’ even if right... Read more
News For Windows Phones Not Good
It does indeed seem that the end is nigh for Windows Phone, in its current form at least. But now even Microsoft have sort of admitted it’s valiant push to become the third viable smartphone ecosystem has come to a close. Earlier in the week, according to a report... Read more
SFMOMA: Rethinking Interactive Software
If you’ve had the pleasure of visiting a major-name museum, gallery, or iconic city, you may have had the option to take part in an interactive, self-guided tour. These tours date back decades, and depending on the technology used to power it, they may have been either engaging or... Read more
Microsoft Finally Brings Windows 10 To Older Phones
After what has sometimes felt like forever, Microsoft have finally announced that they will be deploying Windows 10 to its older range of smart phones. In all, just over a dozen phones are set to receive the upgrade as an option. But there’s a catch;- not all Windows phone... Read more
Who Needs Privacy Anymore? Apparently, No One.
The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, is underway in Las Vegas, and it’s already had its fair share of attention. With all eyes in the tech industry turned to the desert for the latest news, innovations, tech announcements, and just plain cool stuff, there’s bound to be some buzz.... Read more
Windows 10 For Mobile For Windows Phones Will Rollout December
Windows 10 is to begin rolling out for Windows phones this December. Microsoft’s Lumia division announced the release date, late Tuesday evening on the Lumia Facebook page…of all places. For those who can’t wait, Windows 10 for mobile will be available on Microsoft’s newest Lumia flagship 950 and Lumia... Read more
Apple Removes Metadata+ Drone Strike Map App from App Store
In a sudden, and unexpected move, Apple unilaterally decided to ban the Metadata+ iOS app that maps US drone strikes from the Apple Store. The app’s main purpose was to send push notifications to users iOS devices when drone strikes were reported. Metadata+ was originally created to work in... Read more
Crystal iOS Ad-Blocker Now Paid To Show Ads.
Popular iOS Ad-blocker, Crystal, is to allow companies to show you ads and has come in for some serious criticism for doing so. Crystal developer, Dean Murphy, has made an agreement with a company called Eyeo GmbH that will allow some ads to be allowed past Crystal’s ad filter. Murphy... Read more
Opera Unveils New Branding And Logo
Opera: New Logo, New Direction? Opera, the popular and evergreen web browser for both desktop and mobile environments has got itself a new logo, and a new brand identity. The move is, according to the company themselves, however, more than just about replacing the old red “O” logo with... Read more