As the days have rolled by, news has emerged that a recent Windows software update has been causing internet connectivity problems for Windows devices across the world.


While the news seems to so far have been most widely reported in the U.K., and Europe, the problem seems to having a wider effect as more users download and install the update. In September, another update caused millions of Windows computers webcams to stop functioning.

The latest problem so far only seems to have affected those people using Windows 8 and Windows 10. Microsoft have been accused of stealth deploying and installing updates to Windows 10 users whether they want them or not. For many people the problem might become inevitable as they may feel like they have had no choice in whether they wanted the update installed at all in the first place.

The problems seem to have started with the arrival of the KB3201845 update, though Microsoft itself has at the time of writing neither confirmed or denied that the update is the issue at hand, despite the wealth of evidence at hand.

The problem seems to lie with the fact that PCs can no longer automatically pick up their LAN-side IP address, router address, or DNS settings from their broadband routers, and therefore causing them to lose their internet connection. Another side effect seems to be that network attached devices have been disappearing from their network.

People with static IP addresses seem to be unaffected. Speaking to the BBC, a Microsoft spokesperson said:

“Some customers using Windows 10 have reported difficulties connecting to the internet.”

Microsoft have confirmed it is investigating the issue on a post on its official forum, but anyone expecting a quick fix may be waiting a while. In fact, so far, the tech giant’s best advice so far seems to centre on turning your computer first off, and then on again… No, really, that’s it…

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