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The Persistence of Chaos laptop riddled with malware sells for $1.3m
Would you buy an infected laptop? More to the point, would you buy one for $1.3m? We guess not, although someone just has… The Persistence of Chaos, an artwork project, saw a laptop packed with six kinds of dangerous malware. The laptop was then sold in an online auction... Read more
Updates causing issues for Windows 10 users now automatically uninstalled
Admit it, you’ve once thought twice before installing an update for fear of an almighty crash, right? Well, if you have, you’ll be delighted to know that Windows 10 now automatically uninstalls any updates which may cause problems! Microsoft revealed on Monday March 11, a day before this month’s... Read more
Digital solutions to supermarket shopping on the way, thanks to Microsoft and Kroger partnership
Microsoft is teaming up with America’s largest grocery store to create a smarter shopping experience. It was announced on Monday January 7 that the global technology company has partnered with Kroger. Together the brands hope to introduce digital solutions to the retail industry, piloting two ‘connected experience stores’ using... Read more
What a Pane: All the Issues so far with Windows 10’s Latest Update
When is an operating system update not an update? When the new, “improved” version takes four steps backwards for each step it’s supposed to advance. This seems to be the case so far with the latest update to Microsoft’s Windows 10. As well as being good for the soul,... Read more
Windows 10 Now Runs On 600 Million ‘Active’ Machines
Microsoft’s flagship OS is now running on more than half a billion devices that have been ‘active’ (connected to the internet at some point) in the last 28 days. Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, apparently broke the news by commenting on the 600m figure during this week’s annual shareholders meeting,... Read more
New Windows Update Interrupts Users Internet
As the days have rolled by, news has emerged that a recent Windows software update has been causing internet connectivity problems for Windows devices across the world. While the news seems to so far have been most widely reported in the U.K., and Europe, the problem seems to having... Read more
Windows 10 Sales Up but Windows 7 Still Dominates
Windows 10 adoption by the global public took a bit of a hit earlier this year when the ability to download and use the OS for free came to an end and new users found themselves having to buy the Microsoft OS or have it come bundled with a... Read more
Windows 8.1 Carries New Features
In view of endless debate over Windows 8 and the confusion because of its new features, Windows took a little while to come back with a worthy answer. With its newer version, Windows 8.1, it has few things to present to its critics. Windows 8.1 Carries New FeaturesThe Return... Read more
Microsoft May Bring Back the Start Button
One of the most noticeable changes Microsoft made to the Windows operating system in the latest version, Windows 8, was the absence of the Start button. For years, the Start button has been a constant fixture of the Windows desktop environment. Traditionally, the Start button enabled the users to... Read more
Windows 8 May Cut Off Gmail Users
When big companies launch into the horse race of attracting the public audience, the users of their products either benefit through amazing deals and products that provide stellar services or they can be caught in-between and feel the squeeze as the consumers of Microsoft and Google are feeling these... Read more