Every now and then a new piece of tech comes along that stops you in your tracks and makes you say, wow, I need this in my life!

CUJO is definitely one such piece of tech. Simply put, CUJO is a smart firewall that keeps your connected home (or business), safe from cyber threats, so that you can stay secure and private online. However, it does a lot of very clever things, all in a great package.

New CUJO firewall device

Your home is full of smart devices, many of which aren’t protected by an antivirus. This leaves your home open to cyber criminals. CUJO secures everything from tablets and PCs, to TVs and even baby monitors.

If you’ve been paying attention to the tech world lately and our News section here on FileHippo, you’ve probably noticed the term “Internet of Things” (IoT) being thrown around a lot. While it’s still technically a theory and a proposed idea, the IoT is becoming more and more of a reality every day. Essentially, the idea behind the IoT is that everyday objects will be connected via WiFi to send and receive data to make our lives easier and more efficient. Of course, as more “smart” objects come online, the more hackers are working tirelessly to breach those objects’ security, and information security experts are working on products and services like CUJO to provide IoT solutions.

So what are some examples of items in the IoT that you already use? Do you have a smart thermostat in your home? Or a digital video recorder (DVR)? What about a garage door opener that you can control with your phone, laptop, or tablet? These are the kinds of items that we’re talking about when we talk about the IoT and security solutions for them.

While a hacker might not be able to get any useful information out of a smart thermostat, or DVR, they might well be able to hack your garage door opener to open it when you’re not home. Then they’ll have direct, physical access to your home, your computer(s), and all of your valuables. So how can you ensure that your WiFi enabled devices are secure? Well, a solution like CUJO is a pretty good start!

Part of CUJO’s appeal is it’s ‘plug and play’ simplicity. You just plug it into your router or modem via an Ethernet cable and THAT’S IT! No hassle, nothing to configure, job done. CUJO will protect you against privacy violations, financial fraud, malicious sites, and other cyber threats; and you control it with via a simple iPhone or Android app.

New Cujo firewall device

CUJO uses threat intelligence, behaviour analysis, and machine learning to keep you safe. It adapts to block new threats so that your home is continuously protected.

However, despite this simplicity, beneath it’s cute exterior, CUJO does some very clever stuff to keep your home or business safe. CUJO uses threat intelligence, behaviour analysis, and machine learning to keep you safe. It adapts to block new threats so that your home is continuously protected – acting as a gateway between your devices and the Internet.

It does this by sending packet header data (but, for your privacy, never full packets) to the cloud to analyse device behaviour, compare your traffic to commercial threat intelligence feeds, and make sure that unauthorised IP’s do not connect to your wired and wireless home network. It’s also blazing fast, thanks to 1GB Ethernet ensuring that your network speed is unaffected. It also supports several connection modes: automatic for simple networks, bridge mode for networks with multiple routers and/or modems, or DHCP mode.

The makers of CUJO are also constantly looking for ways to improve the level of protection it offers, with parental controls to avoid inappropriate sites and apps, manage access schedules, and set time limits, coming soon.

With every angle thought about to offer you a real layer of added security, it’s well worth checking out the CUJO site to see just what this little bundle of clever tech can do for you. And what’s more, if you get your skates on, you’ll get a $40 discount, too!

You can find more by visiting getcujo.com now.