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In the first 24 hours of the Apple iOS 6 upgrade window 15% of users have adopted the program. For the other 85% of... 5 Steps You Should Take Before Upgrading To Apple iOS 6

In the first 24 hours of the Apple iOS 6 upgrade window 15% of users have adopted the program. For the other 85% of users who are still using older versions of the Apple iOS here are a few tips to consider before upgrading your smartphones OS.

Apple iOS 6 Upgrade Info

Back up your iOS device

If you don’t already push all of your applications, contacts and other information to the iCloud this would be a good time to back up your data. Be sure to push your personal files such as music, pictures and movies to your PC or Mac. The easiest way to back up your iOS system is to connect your device to iTunes and right-click on your devices name in the left-hand column. Choose the “back up” option and then choose to back up all of your content.

Upgrade to iTunes 10.7

iTunes 10.7 is not a major overhaul of the music software’s 10.6 system but it does bring iOS 6 compatibility for iPad, iPod and iPhone systems. By updating ahead of your iOS upgrade you ensure proper compatibility right out of the box. You can complete the iTunes 10.7 upgrade here.

Update Your Apps

Make sure all of your apps are updated on your current version of Apple iOS system. Most of the updates currently being pushed out support iOS 6 apps which means when you make the switch your apps will be compatible with the new iOS version.

Download The YouTube App

In an attempt to distance itself from Google, Apple has ditched Google Maps and YouTube as standardized platforms. Make sure your current iOS system is installed with the YouTube app if you want to take advantage of YouTube videos within your iOS 6 application. Sorry folks but you will be stuck with the much maligned Apple Maps until Google officially releases its Google Maps app for iOS.

Charge Your Battery or Prepare To Keep Your Smartphone Plugged In

The Apple iOS 6 platform requires a 499MB download. When you are ready to make the update a reality Apple requires a charged battery or a plugged in device. The last think you want is to be half an hour into an approximate one hour download and installation and then lose power.

The Apple iOS 6 platform is not perfect but it does offer some great new features such as Apple Passbook and better Apple Siri integration. By preparing your device ahead of time you can ensure a flawless and worthwhile upgrade.

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