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Let the battle of the “office clouds” begin! There has been a lot of advertising about the recent changes Google Apps and Microsoft Office... Google Apps or Office 365?

Let the battle of the “office clouds” begin! There has been a lot of advertising about the recent changes Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 have gone under, but which is best suited for users? There is a multitude of factors that users need to consider when comparing Google Apps to Microsoft Office 365. Business users especially need to consider whether or not their productivity is worth the added expenditure of a cloud office system when they are conducting a side-by-side comparison of the two.

Google Apps vs Office 365

Google Apps vs Office 365


Both applications boast about their overall productivity when it comes to documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Both services offer tools that go with these common applications that have a core objective of boosting productivity. With Google Apps it is referred to as Form and Drawing, while in Microsoft Office 365 it is referred to as OneNote.

Since most users spend countless hours collaborating on the same document, it only makes sense for both applications to offer a productivity management tool. While both have proven to assist with collaboration and productivity, it seems that Office 365 wins the race because it has the added capability of integrating with desktop equivalents of Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint.

Document Management

The purpose of an office cloud is to offer exceptional document management and organization. Both applications offer the ability to share and even edit in real-time. The difference, however, is that Google Docs offers an easier, straightforward approach. Office 365, on the other hand, requires additional setup and has limitations as to how “real” the real-time editing can be between two parties at the same time. Therefore, in comparison of document management capabilities, it seems that Google Apps wins the race.


When comparing to office clouds it is no wonder that users would want to know pricing. Microsoft Office 365 is by far the more expensive option. Though they have a free trial period, once the trial is over users will look forward to a $4 to $20 per month price tag. Google Apps, on the other hand, has a flat rate (regardless of size) for $5 per month after their 30-day free trial.


Unfortunately there is not a clear winner between the two office clouds. While one is better for productivity, another is better for management. In terms of cost, Office 365 is only comparable to Google Apps for basic packages, while larger businesses and corporations will have to endure a much higher price tag.

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