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Every year Google holds an I/O for developers from all over the country. It is their opportunity to showcase and unveil new technologies and... Google Glasses: Should You Buy?

Every year Google holds an I/O for developers from all over the country. It is their opportunity to showcase and unveil new technologies and prototypes they are going to launch in the near future. This year’s I/O wasn’t much more than a circus but it did uncover one new prototype which has caught the imagination of the tech world. The prototype is known as Google Glasses and is expected to launch by the end of this year. But what’s it all about?

Google Glasses

How to describe Google Glasses? It is a difficult task because Google hasn’t given a clear definition for it. From the looks of it, it is a computer that you wear like your spectacles. What this means is that the technology you would have seen in many sci-fi and futuristic action movies (Iron Man, anyone?) is now coming true. Now, the average Joe and Jane would be able wear a computer over his/her eyes.

At first glance, the Google Glasses don’t appear to be much different than the prescription glasses you might wear every day. The only difference would be that you can see location information displayed on the glasses. Plus, there would be a couple of buttons to help you control the different features on the glasses.

Google Glasses

The Features

Even though developers from far and wide got a first-hand view of the Google Glasses, there is still not too much information available from Google. They have been keeping silent amid rumors surrounding the release date of the device along with the possible price. What can be confirmed to a certain extent are the features included on it.

Starting off, you would have a screen, size of three to four inches, to see the different features and services you can access through it. Reportedly, users would be able to use a number of Google services that would help him/her make the experience enjoyable.

There is a camera installed on the structure which enables users to record video for up to a few minutes. The talk in some circles was that the Google Glasses could be used for surveillance and espionage but the maker has been quick to downplay it. In fact, Google are said to be working on a way to make it obvious that the recording feature has been turned on.

How Much Will It Cost?

The features would make you feel as if you are Robocop, but the price is likely to bring you down to the ground. There were some reports early on that the Google Glasses could cost as much as $1,500. Even Apple doesn’t price its products so exorbitantly, let alone Google. The more likely price range Google is going to target is expected to be $250 to $600. The price is comparable to that of designer sunglasses.

Final Verdict

So, should you buy Google Glasses? As of now, precious little is known about the glasses to pass a final verdict. Only when they are launched should you have a clearer idea of whether they are worth spending $250 to $600 on.


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