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I don’t know about you, but there isn’t much more that can be as irritating as having to use different apps for different devices,... Must-Have Cross-Platform Apps

I don’t know about you, but there isn’t much more that can be as irritating as having to use different apps for different devices, although they do the same thing. I suppose the easiest solution would be to use a single device, but sometimes, that cannot be avoided.

After all, it is not uncommon for the average person today to have multiple devices. It is even more common for people to want to communicate and interact with others who may have devices operating on a different platform. Then there’s the fact that you may want to use your computer for certain tasks, but still have access to the data you have entered in the mobile app.

Cross-Platform Apps

Cross-Platform Apps

I know that I am not alone in being concerned about this issue – that’s why we are seeing cross-platform apps more and more. Whether it’s gaming or messaging or productivity apps that you use the most across platforms, there are some great selections out there. Here are several to get you started.

To-Do Apps


Evernote is a very popular app for many reasons. It’s free. It works with practically every computer, smartphone, and tablet, and syncs across devices as well. From photos to notes, you can capture anything, anywhere. may not be as much of a household name as Evernote, but it has more than 3 million users worldwide. It is also free to download and is available for iOS, Android, Mac, and has a web interface.


Text messaging may be cheap as dirt, but why pay when you can send messages and chat for free? Thanks to cross-platform messaging apps, this is not only possible but is in fact the trend.


Using WhatsApp, you can send unlimited messages to other users. It also features user groups, as well as video and audio messages. The beauty of it is that WhatsApp is available on iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia. It’s not free for the iPhone and has a one year free period for Android, but the savings you make in the long run is worth it.


Viber works much like WhatsApp (I actually have both running on my iPhone), except that it allows you to make free voice calls to other users. The app is also available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia, and Bada. Even better, Viber is free to download!


There is a wide range of cross-platform gaming apps, maybe even more than you could want. Here are my two picks that are guaranteed to give you many hours of gaming fun.


Developed by EA, Scrabble for mobile is the best game for word lovers. You can always play alone, but the best thing about it is that you can play with others who have the app. It is available for both Android and iOS. For the former, the app is free, while you have to pay for the latter.

Real Racing 2

Racing games have always been fun, but with the mobile devices we have today, they’re even better. With Real Racing 2, you can play against the computer or against another player. This game is one of the most highly rated racing games for Android and iOS.

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