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RIP Windows XP

News September 14, 2012 Annie

Microsoft Window XP, the most popular operating system of all times has two more years to live and then it will become history.  The... RIP Windows XP

Microsoft Window XP, the most popular operating system of all times has two more years to live and then it will become history.  The longest lived operating system will rest in peace on 8th April 2014 as announced by Microsoft.

RIP Windows XP

RIP Windows XP

The beginning of the two year countdown until the death of Window XP created shockwaves worldwide.  Window XP, also known as people’s favorite and most popular operating system of the decade, will be hard to let go.

The Journey 2001-2014:
Window XP was launched and introduced to the world in 2001 while Office was launched in 2003. Just when the software was released people across the globe went gaga over it. The reason for its undisputed success was simple user friendliness and application compatibility.

Currently it’s been 12 years and 7 months to its existence and sadly there are only 2 years more to go. Microsoft has been urging people and businesses to shift to Window 7 and Vista.

Furthermore according to Microsoft, they will stop creating and developing security updates and support functions for Window XP, so it’s the right time for people to jump to the latest operating system, otherwise their business can be at risk.

The company will put an end to Window XP in 2014 because they believe it will become outdated in the technological environment. No doubt that XP had a good run but it cannot match with the recent technology shift.

Reasons for the Closure:
Besides the technological shift, Microsoft believes that it’s high time to move to Window 7 because of several other reasons as well.

Window 7 is More Advance: According to the company, Window 7 is better than XP. It has built in troubleshooters and can easily connect to networks.

Offers High Security: Unlike XP, Window 7 offers greater security. To increase the level of security on your computer and to easily combat along with block spyware and hackers from accessing your important files, Microsoft Window 7 has Window Defender already built in which ensures and provides you higher security than ever. In addition, the release of Windows 8 this year, things are only looking up for Microsoft

Fast and Easy to Search: Window 7 has a user friendly search bar, which allows you to search for files and documents in seconds.

Great System Store: It has a much better and improved back up file management system than Window XP. It automatically makes a back up of your file.

So it’s time you say goodbye to Window XP and move to bigger, better and much more advanced operating system.

Don’t put your business at risk!


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