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If you want to build your own computer for gaming either to save money or get the best of the best, you need to... Components Of The Ultimate Gaming PC

If you want to build your own computer for gaming either to save money or get the best of the best, you need to know which ones are the top choices of each of the major components.  Here is a look at each aspect and ideas to help you build the best gaming system.

Ultimate Gaming PC



If you’re going to buy a new, better and faster processor, you need to also get a new motherboard to handle the technology.  Choose one with the newest specifications so that it will last even with upgrades.  Look for one with an USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gb/s.  You will also want a PCle 3.0.

The Case

Make sure you get a case with more fan options and good cooling options to keep your computer cool for long and heavy use.  You also want to think about weight if you plan to use it in more than one location or take it to a friend’s house.


Don’t be afraid to spend your money here; it will pay for itself quickly with how fast it processes the games.  You don’t want to be constantly dealing with lag times, so get the best you can afford.

Graphics Card

It doesn’t matter how awesome of a gaming computer you build if you limit it with a pool graphics card.  You need to plan on spending a good portion of your budget here.


You want to use high quality DDR RAM to enhance the performance of your machine.  If a game requires too much RAM, your computer attempt to use the hard drive and may crash.  Whatever RAM you decide to purchase, make sure it is compatible with your motherboard.

Hard Drive

Several aspects of the hard drive determine how well your games will play.  For instance, the cache provides temporary storage, allowing you to access your information quickly.  This way, your games will run smoothly instead of pausing.

Seek speed also determines how fast your computer can locate information such as a saved game so that you do not have to wait for it to load.  The density of the platter and the revolutions per minute both play a part in building the ultimate gaming PC.  Don’t buy one with less than 7,200 RPM.

Of course, the size of the hard drive is also an important aspect when you choose one.  You want the biggest and fastest one you can afford.  Do not get one with less than 80 GB of space to hold all of your games.

The hard drive’s connection to the rest of your computer is another important factor and you shouldn’t bother with anything other than an SATA interface.

When you go shopping for a hard drive, stick with trusted brands that have a solid reputation.  You will be less likely to end up with a hard drive that doesn’t work as well as it should. Unboxtherapy have put together a nifty little build here:

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