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The iPhone 5 is by far the most beautifully crafted Apple smartphone to date, unfortunately much like the Apple phones that came before it... iPhone 5-Missing Features

The iPhone 5 is by far the most beautifully crafted Apple smartphone to date, unfortunately much like the Apple phones that came before it the iPhone 5 is missing features that would allow it to more evenly compete with its main competitors. From lousy charging support to a lack of NFC many analysts agree that Apple has a long way to go when providing even some of the most basic smartphone features to its customers.

Apple iPhone 5

Near-Field Communications (NFC)

From mobile credit card payments at your local store to transferring PayPal payments from one smartphone to another Near-Field Communications is quickly becoming the must have payment solution for retailers and customer-to-customer transactions.

Yes it is true that Apple is offering Passbook access for many in-store purchases, boarding pass printing and for other solutions but NFC is offering a more secure, more robust way of performing mobile transactions without the need for credit and other store cards.

The most known use of NFC technology comes from the Samsung Galaxy S III which can wirelessly transfer data between devices.

SD Card Support

Sure upwards of 64GB is enough memory for most mobile users but an SD card that can be removed from the device is convenient. For users who want to quickly transfer information to their computer without carrying around an additional cable or without the need to email documents to themselves simply removing an SD card is the way to go. SD cards are also a great way to remotely store copies of documents outside of web services which can eat up data transfer levels.

Most major smartphone manufacturers offers MicroSD card support and because of that support users can often take advantage of more than 100GB of storage.

Oddly enough you may recall that the iPod classic had a 160GB storage option that many users filled up, yet the much newer iPhone 5 is only rumored to be preparing a 128GB device.

Non-Proprietary Docking Solution / micro-HDMI Port

MicroUSB adapters are used on almost every other smartphone on the market. If you have a single cable you can connect your digital camera, smartphone and other devices. Yet Apple in order to slim down its devices has chosen the Lightning adapter. While the Lightning solution is a nice all digital component it still makes the device a pain to work with. Break your adapter when you’re not near an Apple store or a retail location with Apple components and you have to hunt down the adapter.

The iPhone 5 is also missing a micro-HDMI port which means you have to buy an additional adapter or an Apple TV if you want to view files directly from your phone to your television/monitor.

Wireless Charging

Because the iPhone 5 battery can’t be removed the ability to use  Duracell myGrid and other wireless charging solutions is not possible. Those wireless chargers require a special battery cover to be installed. Apple could solve this problem by building in wireless charging but so far the company has not done so.

Are there any missing iPhone 5 features you would have liked to see?

[Image via ABC News]