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How many often do you misplace your keys? I think we can all agree that this is a basic human problem. No matter what... Lockitron: The iPhone-controlled Keyless Lock System

How many often do you misplace your keys? I think we can all agree that this is a basic human problem. No matter what your background, no matter where you live, misplacing keys is as common an issue as, well, losing the other sock somewhere between the washer and the wardrobe. That is why we’ve seen various solutions to finding keys, including RFID chips in key rings.


Lockitron iPhone App

I suppose it is safe to assume that the guys of Apigy Inc. have had more than their fair share of misplaced keys, so they came up with a keyless lock system. Dubbed Lockitron, the system is based on a remarkably simple concept.

The device is attached to the regular deadbolt that you can usually find installed on most doors. The technology behind it revolves the use of mobile phones to control the lock. As a matter of fact, Lockitron is not a new device. This iteration is simply an improvement – and a very good one at that.

Lock/open your door from anywhere
If you have Lockitron installed, all you need to ensure the security of your home is a phone. Now I just realized how the entry title can show a bit of a bias, but really, your phone does not have to be an iPhone to work with Lockitron.

Any smart phone can be used to control the lock, and there are options to share access with other people. This actually is a great solution for those who are involved in AirBNB (and similar setups). You do not have to be around to let your guests in, and you can always check if the door is locked even though you may be half a world away!

Even better, Lockitron can be controlled via text messages. Yes, your previous Nokia 3210 is compatible with the system!

And for those who may have paranoid tendencies about security, Lockitron will let you know whenever your door has been locked or unlocked.

There’s a use for NFC!
If you happen to have an NFC-enabled smartphone, then you can benefit from another feature of Lockitron. You simply have to walk up to your door and it will unlock itself – given that you have tweaked the settings, of course. I can totally see this being very convenient on late nights (or early mornings) when you’ve had a tad too much wine.

No need for a doorbell
Lockitron also has a “knock sensor” which lets you know when someone is at the door. Of course, they have to knock for the sensor to activate, but the idea is that as long as you have your phone with you, you will not have “I didn’t hear the doorbell” issues.

Lockitron video
Take a few minutes to watch this demo. Then prepare to spend $149 when you pre-order the device.

[Image via Lockitron]