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Working in tech not only provides some awesome perks, decent pay and the illustrious title of working in the tech sector, it also allows... The Coolest Offices In Tech

Working in tech not only provides some awesome perks, decent pay and the illustrious title of working in the tech sector, it also allows many workers to take their place at some of the coolest offices we have ever seen. At the top of our list are AirBnB (for inventiveness), Google (for just plain craziness) and Gawker (for giving its employees an atmosphere that makes then feel their age).

While there are literally thousands of cool offices around the world each of our choices are unique and we think you’ll agree just a little bit out of the ordinary.


AirBNB Office

The team at Airbnb loves their website so much that they actually fashioned their office after their favorite online listings. The photo above shows off one of the company’s more unique features, a meeting room that was fashioned after a tree house apartment posted for rent by an Airbnb member.

Airbnb even went so far as to plaster a Pan Am logo on its walls.

The first sign of a good company to work for in my opinion is its ability to completely absorb itself into the work place and Airbnb has done that.

Google Offices – Hammock Friendly And Just Plain Strange

Google Hammock Office

Google has an office area that is made out of a giant hammock! Located at the company’s Pittsburgh location the room is perfectly for lounging with office buddies or perhaps even taking a nap.

If one company is able to upstage itself it is Google. Head to Zurich and you can check out the company’s aquarium relaxation room. I kid you not employees have the option to relax in chairs and in bathtubs while staring at fish tanks in a black wall painted room.

Aquarium Friendly Google Room

If that isn’t enough the Zurich office also features twisty slides to get from one floor to another.

Gawker – New Media Office With A Relaxed Feel

Gawker Library

Gawker’s various new media properties are written by a young and vibrant group of workers who value a relaxing space during the busy work day. The office was designed to look like a college library, providing an atmosphere that is both relaxing yet built around an open floor plan.

The office is so well liked that even Gawker Media founder Nick Denton shares the office space with his fellow employees.

With access to a roof, plenty of space to sprawl out and a New York City address Gawker provides young and talented writers with a reason to join its exclusive ranks.

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