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The role of social media websites in generating buzz for the recently concluded US Presidential Election has received both praise and criticism. People from... Donald Trump Has Twitter Meltdown after Obama Win

The role of social media websites in generating buzz for the recently concluded US Presidential Election has received both praise and criticism. People from all over the world have taken to Facebook, Tagged and other social networks to voice their opinions regarding who should win and why. Celebrities and public figures were not to be left behind as they too endorsed their favored candidate on their profiles. However, the most interesting development in this regard came about near the time the election result was called. Donald Trump, the billionaire real estate baron and reality television personality, had a meltdown on Twitter after realizing the candidate he supports, Mitt Romney, wasn’t going to win.

As It Happened

Trump had been tweeting constantly as the election results drew near. His initial tweets were more philosophical in nature, as he was certain Romney was going to pull it off. However, the projections clearly showed that Obama was going to take the election by a huge margin in the Electoral College well before the final announcement was made. From that moment on, Trump launched a Twitter tirade, criticizing the result of the election as well as President Obama.

The nature of the tweets and the comments made within clearly showed that Trump had been hoping for a Romney win. Among the long line of tweets he made, he called the election results an ‘injustice’, pleading the public to fight and stop it from happening. He also commented that the people should ‘march on Washington’ as a sign of protest against the election results. He didn’t spare the Electoral College, calling them a ‘disaster for democracy’.

Not the First Time

This is not the first time that Donald Trump has been vocally critical of the US President. He has made his stance clear from the time Obama was elected. He has even questioned Obama’s right to be president, causing doubts over his nationality. Trump has stated that he would donate $5 million to any charity of Obama’s choice, provided Obama makes his university records and birth certificate public.

It is speculated that the reason Trump had the meltdown was because Obama had lost the popular vote yet managed to gain a huge win over Romney in the Electoral College. Trump seemed to realize this fact as he deleted some of his critical comments. He also stated that the reason Obama won was because Mitt Romney ‘hadn’t connected with the people’. This backtracking clearly shows that Trump had his Twitter tirade in a fit of anger and it was nothing more than that.

Interestingly, some of Trump’s original tweets were shown on TV by NBC’s Brian Williams. Trump tweeted soon after that Williams had done that to gain ratings and make his show more interesting. Though he has removed many of the tweets relating to Obama and his election win, Trump’s new tweets against Williams might keep this issue alive for the next few days.

Response from Other Celebrities

Donald Trump wasn’t the only celeb who used Twitter to react to the election results. Even Obama himself tweeted about his victory. As of now, the President’s victory tweet has been retweeted by over half a million people. More notably, film and TV star Alec Baldwin criticized Donald Trump for his tirade in a tweet. Other Obama supporters also tweeted about Trump’s tirade. Surprisingly, none of Romney’s celebrity supporters came to the defense of Donald Trump!

All in all, this incident speaks volumes about the importance of social media and its reach. It may have future consequences for the role social networks play in future elections. People get a chance to voice their opinions but they should be reasonable. Neither Obama nor Romney is going to have any issues after Trump’s Twitter meltdown. Donald Trump is the only man likely to be affected by it!


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