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I love my iPad 3. I said that the day I bought it, and I will not hesitate to say it again. And again.... How to Sell Your iPad 3

I love my iPad 3. I said that the day I bought it, and I will not hesitate to say it again. And again. I have to admit, however, that the announcement of the 4th generation iPad kind of threw me off guard. Just like the horde of Apple enthusiasts out there, it was the iPad Mini that I was looking forward to, only to be disappointed by the non-retina screen. The 4th generation iPad, however, is a totally different story.

Sell Your iPad 3

Not that I am about to ditch the iPad 3 in the near future – it is less than 6 months old after all! Still, I can totally understand why some people would want to give it up for something new. If you’re lucky, and you bought your iPad 3 within the last 30 days, then you might have the chance to return the unit and get the 4th generation tablet in return. If, like me, you have no chance with that, then here are some ways/places to sell your iPad 3.


Good old eBay, yes? You can try eBay Instant Sale and get quite a good amount of money for your iPad 3. Sure, you can always use the normal way of listing an item on eBay, but this is another option. Here’s a sample valuation for an iPad 3, Wi-Fi + 3G, 64 GB.

sell your iPad 3


A similar option is NextWorth, which is all about turning in electronics for cash. It might actually prove to be easier than using eBay Instant Sale. For example, I used the same specs as above, and the site gave me a $340 quote.

Cash For iPads

Cash For iPads does what it says on the tin, and they guarantee that you get your cash fast. They do have the highest offer for the same specs I used with the two other sites.

sell your ipad 3


With all these sites, there is, of course the matter of the condition that your iPad is in. The better the condition, then the more money you will get for it. And, even if what you want to get rid of is an older model, you can still receive a fairly good amount of money. Whether you buy the iPad Mini, a Kindle Fire HD, or a Nexus 7 is a totally different story.


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