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Microsoft has been a giant in the PC market for the past two decades but the trend has changed. More people are inclined towards... Is Windows 8 Just For Touch Screen Devices?

Microsoft has been a giant in the PC market for the past two decades but the trend has changed. More people are inclined towards using handheld devices, especially the touch screen tablets and smartphones. The demand for these gadgets has increased so much that their demand is much more than that for PCs and laptops. Since the time Microsoft announced it was going to launch Windows 8 for mobile devices, it became clear that the tech giant wants a share of the touch screen devices market.

Is Windows 8 Just For Touch Screen Devices?


This does give rise to an interesting question: is Windows 8 just for touch screen devices? Penetrating a market where Apple and Samsung rule the roost requires a top quality product. If the focus was on creating an OS for touch screen devices, it is quite possible that it would work much better on the handheld gadgets. Here are some of the factors which will provide the answer to this question.

Swipe on the Edge

One thing most users discover a few days after starting to use the Windows Phone 8 is that swiping on the edge reveals additional functions. While this is present in other OS, it isn’t as easy to operate as it is on Windows 8.

Office on a Tablet

One of the defining features of Windows 8 is that it has brought Microsoft Office 2013 to touch screen devices. The new Office, with all its components, can be used on a tablet or other handheld devices as easily as it is on a desktop computer.

Quality of the Keyboard

What makes using Office 2013 so convenient on a touch screen device is the quality of the keyboard on Windows 8 tablets. Believe it or not, but Microsoft has been able to develop an onscreen keyboard which rivals that of the iPad. You don’t have to struggle to type which makes creating long documents possible on your tablet.

User Interface

One of the things going in favor of Windows 8 tablets is that they have a start screen similar to the one for the desktops. This makes using them much easier. Not only this but users can easily switch environments between the Metro and traditional desktop by sweeping the screen. Regardless of whether you are using a program, you can switch the environment.

This, in addition to the new SkyDrive service, might make you assume that Windows 8 has been created especially for touch screen devices. There is no doubt that using Windows 8 on a tablet or smartphone is highly convenient. The programs run perfectly, swiping is simple and everything works at a touch. At the same time, you should not forget that Windows 8 for the traditional computers works just as fine.

Maybe, just maybe, Microsoft has found the right balance between designing an OS which works perfectly with touch screen and other devices. A final judgment on whether Windows 8 is only for touch screen devices can only be made by someone who has used it on all types of devices. Needless to say, Windows 8 works wonderfully on touch screen devices so the answer might be yes.


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