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The Windows 8 OS for mobile devices was released a few weeks ago but customers are still facing a number of issues with it.... Rebooting and Battery Issues on Windows 8 Phone

The Windows 8 OS for mobile devices was released a few weeks ago but customers are still facing a number of issues with it. The common complaints are related to random rebooting and battery drainage from their phones. As of now, the forums for Microsoft Customer Support are facing a barrage of complaints day after day.

It is not as if the problems are being faced by a small number of users. Every complaint which is posted on the forums generates many responses, sometimes more than a hundred. Most of the responses are further complaints from users facing the same problem. If Microsoft fails to address these issues quickly, it could face significant customer backlash in the days to come.

Rebooting and Battery Issues on Windows 8 Phone

Random Rebooting

The major issue plaguing users is that of random rebooting. Customers have complained that their smartphones reboot themselves without warning. Technically, a device shouldn’t reboot itself unless prompted by the user. However, in this case the phone shuts down and reboots, wiping all or most of the data stored by the users. This has led to frustration in addition to the loss of data and files. The problem of random rebooting occurs on Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC Windows Phone 8X.

Screen Freezes

The Nokia Lumia 920 seems to have been singled out by the issues as they occur most commonly on this smartphone. Apart from the random rebooting, the users also experience screen freezes. While using the phone, the screen gets stuck and doesn’t work again for quite some time. Given the level of patience most users have today, it doesn’t take long for them to switch their phones off and restart it. Needless to say, it is quite irritating for the users.

Poor Battery Life

Once again, the users of the Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone are the victims here. Since the phone was launched with the new OS, users have complained about poor battery life. Even if they are not using their phone extensively, the battery drains. When the time comes for them to use their smartphone, they find out there isn’t enough battery life remaining.

These are the common issues Windows Phone 8 users are facing at present. The new devices which carry the OS are the ones malfunctioning, especially the Nokia Lumia 920. The time it took for Microsoft to test and finally give the go-ahead for the launch of Windows 8 was enough to discover and resolve any issues. Yet, this doesn’t seem to be the case as the problems are still troubling users.

There is no doubt that Windows Phone 8 has allowed Microsoft to achieve its objective of penetrating the smartphone market and take some of the share from Apple and other companies. However, unless and until they can take care of the issues faced by the users, they are going to lose whatever initiative they have at present. It can be said that this is the worst possible time for the random rebooting and battery drainage issues to pop up for Microsoft.


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